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Steel Companies In Canada

As the United States began to impose high tariffs on imported steel in recent years, Canada’s domestic steel imports from other countries have soared, and


Definition Structural steel (non-alloyed high-grade steel) S550GD is a structural steel with a yield point of 550 N/mm², which has excellent corrosion resistance, forming, coating


Definition Steel grade S390GD is a structural steel formulated according to standard DIN specifications and hot-dip galvanized strip and sheet classification. As a high-tech, high-value-added


Grade S320GD is a structural steel with a yield strength of at least 320 MPa. S320GD is available in the following hot dip coatings: S320GD+Z


Definition The S280GD grade is a structural steel with a yield point of at least 280 MPa. S280GD is available in the following hot dip


S220GD Definition S220GD is a continuous hot dip coating cold-rolled steel sheet product, which can support the following hot dip coatings: S220GD+Z (coating Zn), S220GD+ZF

Steel Companies In UK

The British steel industry has a long history, is the birthplace of the modern steel industry, and has been the development center of the global

Steel Companies In South Africa

Africa is the continent with the richest mineral resources in the world. Steel is produced from iron ore. South Africa is the seventh largest iron

Steel Companies In Malaysia

Malaysia is an important steel producer and exporter in Southeast Asia. There are many steel plants in Malaysia, but the scale is generally small. The