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Steel Coil

The manufacture of steel coil is essential in almost all types of industries, buildings, and infrastructure constructions. The process begins by placing a sheet or

Difference between PPGI and PPGL

The meaning of the term PPGI refers to pre-painted galvanized, PPGL refers to pre-painted galvanized aluminum. Basic materials PPGI uses galvanized as the basic steel

PPGI & PPGL Steel Ultimate Guide

Color-coated plate usually refers to the abbreviation of color-coated steel plate which is based on metal strip and coated with various organic coatings on its

What is the best roofing material?

There are more and more choices of roofing materials, and people are also wondering what is the best roofing material? If you want to replace

What is maraging steel?

Definitions of Maraging Steel Maraging steel is ultra-high-strength steel with carbon-free (or ultra-low carbon) iron-nickel martensite as the matrix and precipitation hardening of intermetallic compounds


Galvanized steel vs Aluminum

Aluminum is a light metal with low density (2.79g/cm3), its chemical symbol is Al, and its atomic number is 13. Pure aluminum has low strength

How to paint galvanized steel?

Galvanized steel is widely used to control atmospheric corrosion. To improve the corrosion resistance or decoration of galvanized steel, it is often left to be

What is galvalume?

With its excellent performance, the application demand of galvalume products in the market has been increasing, and the market scale has also expanded, and it

Does galvanized steel rust?

In our daily life, galvanized steel sheet is a commonly used steel sheet. The cars we usually drive are made of galvanized steel sheet. Galvanized