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What Is Galvanized Steel?

What is galvanized steel? Galvanized steel means that to prevent the surface of the steel from being corroded and prolong its service life, a layer

Galvanized Steel Properties

The article starts with the use of galvanized steel sheet, introduces the classification of galvanized steel sheet, galvanizing process and corresponding uses, and at the

JIS G 3302

JIS G3302 Standard JIS G 3302 is a Japanese material standard for hot-dip galvanized steels. This standard applies to steel plates and steel strips (hereinafter

SECC steel

What is SECC? SECC is a stamping material, which is coated with a zinc layer on the surface of the cold-rolled sheet. Rust and corrosion-resistant.


PPGI Production Process

PPGI sheet is the ultimate product for deep processing of sheet metal by steel companies in the world today. It has the characteristics of lightweight,


SGCC Definition Galvanized sheet refers to a steel sheet coated with a layer of zinc on the surface. Galvanizing is an economical and effective anti-corrosion


SPCC Definition In the Japanese JIS standard, cold-rolled carbon sheet has several grades such as SPCC, SPCD, SPCE, among which the latter two represent cold-rolled carbon


Definition DX: The first letter D represents flat steel for cold forming, and the second letter X represents that the rolling state of the substrate

EN 10346

EN 10346 Definition Continuously hot-dip galvanized steel sheet products for cold forming. Technical delivery conditions. This standard specifies the continuous hot-dip pure zinc coating (Z)